Behind The Scenes Oil Painting

Behind The Scenes Oil Painting

Coastal Sunset 18×24 Oil On Canvas Board

Would you like to see how this one of a kind painting is created from start to finish?

See the Behind The Scenes Oil Painting Video Tutorial and read this post.

Collector? Buyer? Just learning to paint? See how it’s done via tutorial and video. This is the first of a many videos for my California Coast Series and blogs to come on Behind The Scenes Oil Painting series. I would like to take you into my studio via this blog and video so you can see how Coastal Sunset is done from start to finish. If you wish to purchase this painting I will provide the complete video to you on disc or for download.

My Inspiration For This Painting

You may ask “what inspired you to do this painting?”.My inspiration for this painting and all of my new California Coast Paintings is due to my love of the outdoors here in my home state of California. Here there are some of the most beautiful mountains and beaches of anywhere in the world. We (my wife and I) have traveled up and down the coast and drove out of our way to travel highway 1, the coast route. Have you ever traveled California Highway 1? Needless to say I have plenty of memories and inspirations of this beautiful coast line still to paint. It’s never ending painting with so many beautiful beaches, waves, rocky shorelines, sunsets, light houses, and more.

The Color Mixing Guide

Why am I standing next to this color mixing guide? It helps me from time to time when I start a painting to figure out what colors to use in order for my painting thoughts to come to life. I don’t always follow it, but it gives me ideas. It’s always a good t know your colors and how to mix the correct colors for the correct outcome.

Tools and Paints

For starters let’s use a 18×24 canvas board. Feel free to use whatever size and type of canvas you wish. You can even paint on hard board. Doesn’t have to be canvas. One inch flat brush, blending or mop brush, Pithalo Blue, White, Yellow, Orange Yellow, Crimson, and Red Hue oil paint. These are the colors I used for this sky portion of the painting.


I start by spraying a light coat of paint thinner to dampen the canvas a bit. Not fun to paint on a dry canvas. Then I paint the entire sky area with white. See the following steps and the order there of.


I start blending in my blue paint while the white is still wet. This gives you a nice blend of sky and light clouds look. Correct blending takes time and must be done at the right time prior to the paint drying.

Ocean/Sky Break Line

I got tired of painting blue and decided to jump down to the starting of the skyline at the ocean break. Here is where I start adding yellow, orange, and red. There’s nothing like a vibrant sunset or sunrise.

More Blending

Starting to blend in my orange with the yellow and white. Notice that I also swiped the brush upward at angles into the blue sky area. Keep in mind that brush angles and the weight you apply to your brush strikes is all very important. This adds depth to the painting.

More To Come

No, we are not done with the sky yet as you can see. I will be posting a new segment of this painting each week until we get it completely done. Subscribe to my blog so you can be notified.

The Video

Here’s my first of many Behind The Scenes Oil Painting video link for this particular painting. Watch how its done by me the artist. This is a tutorial for the learning artist, or the art collector who wants to see how this painting is done. Subscribe to be notified as I upload weekly videos from the start to the finish of this beautiful ocean scene California Coast series oil paintings. See many more impressionist paintings and blogs at

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